Previously at the Two Wheeled Drive In

Ceri dispensing the treats
This isn't the first time.... The Two Wheeled Drive emerged from the Bristol Cycle Festival in 2010 and quickly became the queen event (cycling term there).

Back in 2010, we weren't sure what kind of numbers to expect, so when a fine Spartan audience of 300 mustered for the show, we were delighted and astounded.

The ride out to the cinema went under the Suspension Bridge

We were treated to dry weather, a full moon, treats from the usherettes, the most amazingly high quality off grid projection equipment from Knowalternative.

Year two meant two nights of cinema action, culminating in the astounding Sing-A-Long-A-Wicker-Man.

This is a robbery! 
We've been trying to put stuff back too. An event in the outdoors can't be done without some kind of impact, so we've done a ton of litter picks and have been working with Natural England and the National Trust who've led our team in a glorious winter conservation day.

Clearing rubbish and scrub vegetation on the conservation day

Wicker man audience ready to sing a long

Bert's lovely glowy screen!

So far it's been brilliant, many thanks to the audience, volunteers and Bristol for being ace.